Who Are We?

TSM is a collective of USAF and USARMY members promoting motivation and camaraderie for those looking to get out of their comfort zone and get it. Our motto is "Paying back those who paid it all"


What do we do?

The designs we promote are inspired by different military organizations like the Night Stalkers, Green Berets, Combat Control Team and Explosive Ordnance Disposal. All of the proceeds from those designs go to respective charities that directly benefit those organizations. The Green Beret Foundation, Night Stalker Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation and EOD Warrior Foundation are only a few of the charities we aim to support. 


Why the name Tiger Striped Misfits?

Tiger stripe camo was primarily used by the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam - Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG). We are simply paying respect to the brave men that took one of (if not the most) brutal wars by the throat and paved the way for modern Special Operations to flourish. 



"We're on a mission from god."blues-brothers-1.jpg