Where our profit goes

Here's a pie chart of where our profit goes. All "Admin" profit goes towards new designs, ordering new product (patches, stickers, etc.) NONE OF IT GOES INTO ANYONE'S POCKET!

Special Operations Warrior Foundation gets 80% of theprofits from the Later, Nerd design.

EOD Warrior Foundation gets 80% of the the profits from the EOD Skull design

The Green Beret Foundation gets 80% of the profits from the Reaper design.

All proceeds from any products in honor of Colton Drye go directly to his parents to offset funeral costs and help fellow TACPs fly down to the funeral

20% of our profits go towards creating new designs, purchasing stickers, patches and other product from our supplier. This is just to ensure we are able to "break even" when it comes to supplier costs.

All numbers stand for US Dollars.